Smith Surveying Equipment offer the most comprehensive range of Automatic, Precise & Digital Levels on the market today.

Our range is designed by surveying & construction professionals & made by the world's leading optical instrument manufacturers to exacting standards.

With some of the most keenly priced instruments, and excellent technical support, you can buy from us with total confidence.

All of the equipment is backed by the manufacturer's warranties.

Call today to discuss your requirements.

We will be only too happy to pair you up to equipment that suits your needs perfectly.


Professional optical levels are built for the construction site.

They are quickly set up, very accurate and top every comparison of cost to performance ratios.


Precise levels offer the very highest accuracy.

When paired with a parallel plate micrometer, they can offer a reading of 0.3mm!


Digital levels offer fast and accurate readings utilising a bar coded staff.

They offer the opportunity to record readings at the touch of a button as well as displaying the distance to the staff.

Data can then be downloaded into software and displayed in a traditional field book format.