Whatever your measuring requirements are, you will find the perfect equipment you need here.

We offer the very highest quality prducts at the most competitive prices for our distance measurement solutions.

From a simple hand tape measure to a Cable Height meter and everything in between, you can be sure that the equipment will do the job quickly, reliably and cost effectively.

If you have a specific problem, and can't see the equipment that can help you, please call and we wll endeavour to help find the best solution.


Laser Distance Measurement devices can quickly and efficiently measure a distance to a surface for you. They can also measure area and volumes at the push of a button too!

More advanced models feature a tilt sensor to measure anglesand so can calculate corrected horizontal distances from slope distance measurements. They also feature Pythagoras calculations too!

Some models feature built in screens and cameras to enable you to target the measurement point accurately and Bluetooth connectivity to enable transfer of data seamlessly to either a Tablet or PC.

There is something that will suit your needs and budget.

Call us to discuss and we will be only too happy to help.


Height meters are used frequently in the Utilities sector to measure cable height, sag and overhead clearance safely.

There are many models that suit different circumstances.

We would be only too happy to help you to select the best option for you.


Our range of measuring tapes are robust and designed to be used under site conditions.

The range includes pocket tapes, doughnut tapes, open frame tapes, closed case tapes with options of fibreglass or nylon coated steel depending on the product.


Road Wheels & Land Wheels enable fast, easy distance & length measurement simply by walking with the wheel.

Our range features both mechanical & digital wheels, with wheels varying in size to suit different applications.

Large circumference wheels offer the greatest accuracy over rough terrain.

Smaller general purpose wheels can offer brakes and stands.

They are available in metric and imperial scales for the mechanical wheels, where the digital wheels can instantly switch between the two.